Zuckerberg leads investment in artificial intelligence company

One of the founders of Facebook and current chief executive of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg led the investment in Vicarious, software company that has the ambition of making computer programs to simulate the reaction of the new human cortex part of the brain that, among other functions, is responsible for language.

The investment of $ 40 million was made, not only by Zuckerberg, but also the founder of electric car maker Tesla’s Elon Musk, and investor and actor Ashton Kutcher , who used his background.

The three are perhaps the most eminent figures of a group of 17 investors, including individuals and funds between them there is Peter Thiel (one of the first investors in the social network and now an adviser to the site) and Dustin Moskovitz (another of founders of Facebook).

The niche of artificial intelligence is high among investors, as another technology giant recently invested in a company in the same industry.

Began in 2014, Google announced the purchase of Deepmind for $ 400 million Technologies.

“We told investors that now, humans are doing a lot of things that computers should be able to do,” said Scott Phoenix, co-founder, told the “Wall Street Journal”.

According to him, the goal of Vicarious is to make computers go beyond the recognition of images, and can understand not only forms and objectives, but textures. That said, could make them understand devise something like a chair with ice. One of the other founders is neuroscientist Dileep George.

“Companies that are pioneering a key technology that promotes a rupture usually come to define entire industries,” the newspaper said Joe Lonsdale, founder of another investment fund that part of the contribution, the Formation 8. “I believed that Vicarious has the potential to become one of those companies.”