Yobi3D search tool find files for 3D printer


A search tool allows users of 3D printers and computer graphics animators find models that can be printed and used in these devices in the work of artists.

Called Yobi3D ( enter here ), the site works as a Google, but the search result brings imagems three-dimensional objects can be viewed and rotated in real time and, if you wish, you can download the file by accessing the site where it is shared.

To do a search, as well as other search sites on the web, just put the object name (in English) in which you want to search. Then a series of objects related to search word will appear and by clicking on the image opens a screen that allows you to manipulate the object, observing it from all sides.

By selecting the desired object, the tool takes the user to the download page of the file in 3D, allowing it to be printed on a special printer.