Yahoo will interrupt access to its services via Google and Facebook

The Yahoo will not let users access its various online services, including photo-sharing site Flickr, by logging in with their Facebook credentials or Google.

The change, which will be gradually implemented according to a spokeswoman for Yahoo, will require them to have a Yahoo account to utilize any of the services of the Internet portal.

The move marks the latest change under the command of Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer, who is striving to arouse interest in the company and new products to revive its stagnant revenue.

“Yahoo is continually working to improve the user experience,” the company said in a statement, noting that the new process “will enable us to offer the best personalized experience for all.”

By eliminating the possibilities of access to the profiles of Facebook and Google, Mayer, a former Google executive, reverses a strategy that Yahoo adopted in 2010 and 2011, under the management of then-CEO Carol Bartz.

The shift to login to the site Tourney Pick’em, focused service in a college basketball tournament and first to order the new process began on Monday, said a spokesman for Yahoo, noting that users can still access other services through their profiles on Google or Facebook.

The buttons login via Facebook and Google will eventually be removed from all Yahoo services, added the spokesman, without giving a timeline.