Woman says she was attacked in a bar for using Google Glass

A woman claims to have been assaulted and have your Google Glass stolen in a bar in San Francisco in United States, precisely because it was using the Google Goggles augmented reality. She recorded and posted a video on YouTube that shows a couple offending by using the device in place.

According to the “Mashable” site Sarah Slocum, who works in the city, said to have come to Molotov bar early Saturday morning, around 1:45 a.m. in the morning. Once entered the room, she claims to have been physically and verbally abused by people who, she says, “hate Google Glass”. One of the alleged attackers had torn up the device from Sarah’s face, but she managed to recover the device.

As reported by issuing “CBS”, she had stolen her purse and cell phone in place and still unable to retrieve belongings.

In description in his Facebook page, Sarah says the trouble started as soon as she arrived at the bar and began to show as the Glass worked for a friend. Two women had begun to harass her and beat her. It was then that she recorded a 10-second video – By default, Google only this time Glass captures video; longer only in recording mode – showing her being beaten by a couple.


Upon learning that they were being recorded, they try to get the Glass by Sarah. She says they were able to boot the device, and it went back to retrieve it. Meanwhile, she claims to have had her purse, wallet and cell phone stolen.

In the United States there is some controversy surrounding the use of Glass. In January, a man was kicked out of a movie to be using the device, accused of trying to pirate the film. The Glass has a camera and can record videos.Some places such as bars and restaurants prevent goers to use the device, claiming it impairs the privacy of other clients. Although serious videos as a smartphone, like the Glass is the user’s face, some people get annoyed when they think they may be filmed or photographed at any time without knowledge or consent.

Sarah said she did not expect to recover their belongings. She just wants the prejudice who uses Glass decrease as the device becomes more popular and no one else is attacked by using the device in public.