Windows will be free on devices with less than 9 inches

In the event that announced the news of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update , Microsoft also unveiled a plan that shows that the company is willing to change its old formula for revenue gain more space in the mobile space: devices with smaller screen than 9 inches may receive a Windows license for free.

The proposal was unveiled by Terry Myerson, vice president for Microsoft operating systems, and should mainly include smartphones. This is because, among the large current mobile platforms, only Windows Phone requires the manufacturer to pay a use license per device.

Comments on the possible gratuity Windows Phone some time there because of the relatively low adoption of the platform. Currently, there are very few devices that run the mobile operating system from Microsoft, with the obvious exception to Nokia models.


By exempting the collection of license, Microsoft may attract manufacturers who are interested, but avoid the platform for fear of bear losses from licensing if the devices do not sell as expected.

The change should make Microsoft do one similar business model to that used by Google in Android: As the adoption of the platform grow, generating more revenue from commissions on sales of third party applications and promote their own products, such as OneDrive and Skype.The idea can even be extended to the Office: A one-year subscription of Office 365 will be offered free on purchase of certain devices.

When referencing equipment screened under 9 inches, Microsoft suggests that free licensing same applies to Windows 8.1, should affect tablets, precisely, although most of the current models based on the platform have 10 inches or more.

Anyway, for these devices, Microsoft should maintain a conservative approach: 65% of Windows Division revenue comes from fees paid by manufacturers to put the operating system on their desktops, laptops and … tablet. Ie gratuity in this segment can not be a good idea at first.

With an increasing market share, but still far from the leaders Android and iOS, the focus should be on the same Windows Phone. Microsoft has not only clarified when adopt the new way of licensing and other criteria will be in play.