Windows 9 could be announced on September 30

Microsoft is planning to hold an event next month to officially announce the successor to Windows 8 so far codenamed “Windows Threshold”. The most likely date is the 30th which is At least close to the company said recently heard by sources The Verge .

Windows Threshold has been subject to increasingly rumors for a number of reasons. The main one is the expectation that the new version hit where Windows 8 apparently failed.The interface that attempts to meet touchscreens and the traditional combination of keyboard and mouse, for example, even today is not well accepted, even with the 8.1 update has mitigated the most criticized points.

Not least, the rumors already point to the final return of the Start menu and the elimination of the Charms Bar on the new version. Additional features are also expected, as the inclusion of virtual desktops and integration with, even in later stage Cortana assistant.


The name of the new system also follows unknown, but it is quite likely that Microsoft keep the numbering and baptize simply “Windows 9”. Can also occur in the company choose a totally different name to signal a new phase and, if necessary, avoid links to Windows 8.

The sources heard by The Verge also raised the possibility of a previous version for developers (Windows Threshold Tech Preview) is released on the same date of the announcement or a few days later.

A less likely, but as long awaited announcement is the revelation of the platform that promises to combine the Windows RT and Windows Phone.

Microsoft maintains the mystery, of course, but as the company is now trying to not be so lethargic to changes in direction of the market, gives even wait for news. If not for September 30, for an early date.