Windows 7 Black Screen with Cursor Error Fix

Windows Black Screen Error is Comman. Infact i had this problem at times this a kind and it occurs due to many Factors.Here are the some fix’s for this problem.


Fix 1:

Sometimes it occurs due to Graphical Driver Problem so for this Just Tap on SHIFT button for 5 Times.Then a Window Dailog will popup and Every thing Comes to Normal.

Fix 2:

In this fix Use CONTROL+ALT+DELETE Button then it will take you to the Task manager.Now search internet explore.exe and stop the task and start it Again.

Fix 3:

By using windows Repair Center.For this restart your PC and as soon as it start Before the windows logo click F5+F6 at the same time then you will be taken to the page with all the system options.Their you can see a option then select Launch Repair.

Fix 4:

If non of this works go to Safe Mode and copy all your Important Files from root directory and Setup Windows 7 Again.