Whatsapp will not be released for tablets and computers, says founder

The founder of WhatsApp , Jan Koum said on Tuesday (25) the company’s plans this year to double its number of employees and said the instant messaging service will not come to tablets and even computers.

Koum attended the meeting of entrepreneurs 4YFN, held in Barcelona parallel to the Mobile World Congress form. He explained that the company is seeking engineers to get at least a team of 100 employees.

Recently purchased by Facebook for $ 16 billion, WhatsApp is an inherent characteristic simplicity, says Koum. Therefore, the service message will not reach neither computers nor the tablets, since Koum considers that the phone is the only truly personal device and receive notifications simultaneously through multiple channels is “tiring”.

With respect to the negotiation of the acquisition by the Facebook case, Koum commented that this type of process has nothing “sexy”.

In this context, the founder explained that the process is basically to see how the two companies are aligned in their missions and what the plans are for the future.


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