WhatsApp can reveal messages to other apps on Android

The programmer Bas Bosschert made ​​available on the web codes that allow an application on Android to read the database of the messenger WhatsApp . The data includes all historical messages stored on your device.Codes Bosschert, published on Tuesday (11), only work when the backup feature of WhatsApp is activated and, in some older installations of the app, the feature can be enabled by default.

Data Backup WhatsApp are stored on the SD card of the phone. On Android, the operating system of Google , applications that have access to the card can read data stored by other applications. For this reason, any app with access to SD Card will have access to the messages in the backup WhatsApp.

The application data on the SD card is protected by a cryptographic key, but this is already known. The code includes Bosschert this cryptographic key, copied WhatsApp Xtract software, allowing to decode the data that are stolen phone. The key is the same for all users.

Commenting Bosschert code, other developers have indicated that the encryption scheme is different in some cases, preventing the technique to work. Bosschert said you tested your code with the latest updates to the app and the technique still works.

In Google Play Store, there are applications that leverage this feature of the application to interact with WhatsApp. One of them is WhatsApp Chat Statistics for “( See here ), which decodes the data WhatsApp to identify which contacts the user more discussion, how many words used in the messages, and other data.