WhatsApp back to work after being down this Saturday


The online cell phone messaging WhatsApp returned to work this Saturday night (22), after being down for several hours. According to a spokesperson for the company, there were “some problems with the server”, but just before the 20hr, the issue had already been resolved.The crash lasted over three hours and affected users from around the world, according to Reuters.


Many users used social network Twitter to complain about the crash, which occurred two days after Facebook have bought the service. Users could not send or receive messages for the service.


Shortly after 17h on Saturday, the company had already disclosed, also via Twitter, a note about the failure: “We’re sorry, we are experiencing problems with the server and hope to be back soon recovered.”.


Even after restarting the service, Twitter messages also expressed the dissatisfaction of users.Some reported receiving many messages at once when the program returned to work they knew if they could not answer them.