Vine allows you to import videos from cell phone and edit them in the app

The Vine introduced today a way of well refined in editing app for iOS. Until then, you could only do live videos, or time; Now, can you import videos cell and cut them to fit in 6 seconds.

In addition, you can use more than one video in assemblies: just import them into the application and do the editing. It also applies to videos created within the hour.


To improve the editing and thus encourage the production of content even for those who are not so light with the app, the Vine has incorporated a number of tools. Besides cutting sections, there is one that takes the sound of pieces, other than the doubles and a preview that allows you to watch again each and exclude them separately, if applicable.

The old tools are still present, “hidden” in represented by a wrench menu: the grid to improve the environment, the ghost that creates a shadow in the last picture and helps provide continuity in the film, fixed focus, which now operates the front camera, and a new feature, the ability to shoot in low light with image enhanced by the app itself.

The novelty is restricted to devices with iOS so far, but the Vine promises that soon, the update will also come to Android.