How to View Facebook or Other Saved Passwords in Chrome

Forgotten your Facebook password and it is Saved in Your Browser Don’t Worry You can get that Follow the Steps given Below:


View Facebook Or Other Saved Passwords in Chrome

So They are 3 Methods to View Saved Passwords in Chrome.

Method 1 Only to View Saved Passwords on Facebook

If you Saved Your Password Then you will have a View Tab like this.To retrive the password follow the Steps.



1) Now Right Click on the password Box and Select “Inspect Elements”.


2) Now Search for “Password” in inspect elements it will look like this.



3) Now Replace “Password” with the “Text” .


4) That’s it your Saved Password will Appear.


In this way you can View Saved passwords in Chrome.

Watch Video.

Method 2

1) First Go to Google Chrome and Press Alt+F and Select “Settings”.

2) Now Scroll Down in Settings and Go to “Show Advance Setting”

3) Now go to “Passwords and forms” and Select “Manage Saved Password”

That’s it your Taken to a page were your Passwords are Saved

  Easy Method 3

For this Copy the Link “chrome://settings/passwords” and paste it in the Chrome Browser.

You can see the Saved Passwords.


Note: This trick only works when you Click Remember Password.

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