How to Use Keyboard as Mouse in Windows


What you gonna do if your mouse unexpected stops working ?. Some times it happens, I Recently got the same problem and guess what i did, just used my keyboard as Mouse here is the simple way to use your Keyword as mouse rather than simply depending on Mouse.


Generally in all Windows OS have an inbuilt feature which is MouseKeys and its very easy  to Enable and Disable MouseKeys in windows.


– To Enable it Enter Alt + Shift + Num Lock then a dialog Box will PopUp now Select YES.

– Now make sure that your Num Lock is Off.

– That’s it your Done. If you want to move your mouse Up use 8, Use 2 for down, 4 for Left and 6 for Down.

If you want it in a more advance way then use NeatMouse third-party software.  This software gives you the better controlling options like scroll speed, changing the buttons and more with additional customization.