How to Use Google Maps Offline

At the time’s you want Google Maps offline without internet access.Google added a new feature to access Google Maps offline for recently Viewed Maps .Here are the tips on how to use google maps offline at any time.This Feature Works on the Android and IOS Platforms.

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1) First Sign in to your Google account to use this Feature.

2) Type ” Ok Maps” in Search and Click Search button.

3)  A dialog will popup Asking that “Save the Maps? ” Now click Save.


4) At that Point Zoom in your Location that you Want to Save

5) After Selecting the AREA Click Save Button.

6) Now it will ask a Name to save that Area Enter the Name and click Save.

7) The Accessing the Saved Offline Maps click “Person” Icon.It will take you to the Profile Scroll to the Bottom and their Saved Maps .

That’s it your Done!