How to Use Android Phone as Modem to your PC or Laptop

You Don’t have proper access to PC Internet and want to Use your Phone to Connect .Here are the tips to use your android phone as Modem to your PC or Laptop.There are Many Ways to Do this but we are here using the two Simple ways to Connect your’s android phones net.

Method 1 :

Using USB Tethering


This Method is Mostly Favorable for Desktop PC Users.Make sure the you have installed your mobile drivers in your PC for some Phones it it not needed.

–  Connect Your Android Phone to your PC then Connect it to your PC

– Enable your Mobile Data.

– Now Go to “Settings,”  “More” from the Wireless & Networks.

– Tap on “Tethering and portable Hotspot” and Select USB Tethering.

That’s it your successfully Connect your Android phone Net to your PC

Method 2 :

Using Wi-Fi Hotspotf

This Method is wireless and usefull for the Laptop User’s.

– First On Your Mobile Data Network.

– Now Go to ” Setting” and “Wireless and Network” Section

– Now Select “Tethering and portable Hotspot”.

– Now Tap on “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” and Config your Favorable settings.

– Just go to your Laptop and Search the Wi-Fi network and Connect and Enjoy.

In his way you can connect your Android phones net to your PC.

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