Use Android phone as Mouse for PC

To do this we are using a app named Remote Droid . Because it has touch screen mouse control so we can use android phone as mouse for PC ,we can also use this in landscape and portrait mode,This app also helps to use android as keyboard to your PC.And you can access them wirelessly .


First Setting Up Remote Droid On PC

Requirements :

-PC and android device are connected to Wi-Fi network or Mobile Data.

-Java SE Run Time.If you don’t have then download it from HERE

Steps :

1)First Download the RemoteDroid server from HERE

2)And extract the zip file to any Folder on your PC.

3)Now open the RemoteDroidServer.jar file and it will show you the IP address .Make sure that firewall is not Blocking the Software.

4)Now just Note the Ip Address that is displayed.

-Setting up RemoteDroid in Android device


1)First Download Remote Droid for android from Link HERE

2)After installing all open it on your phone.

3)After opening the app in the Box enter the IP address that you have noted before and now click Connect.

4)Now you are Connect.!!!.The Screen will change to the  touch layout.

On the screen you can see the layouts with Boxes.The two boxes of touch-pad are Right Click and Left Click of the mouse and on the middle is the keyboard Logo by selecting it you can use Your mobile phone as Keyboard Just type any thing in your phone keyboard it will be displayed in your PC.

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