Twitter analyzes can lock in Turkey after promise of Prime Minister

The company said on Thursday (20) it is reviewing allegations that its service has been blocked in Turkey . Twitter posted a message advising Turks users to send tweets using messages for mobile phones. The blockage can occur hours after the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised in an election rally ‘eradicate’ this social network.

Erdogan said he did not care about international reaction, in their latest emotional outburst in a campaign increasingly bitter.

The campaign for the local elections of March 30 were marked by outbursts of anger, threats and conspiracy theories. Erdogan faces a corruption scandal said to be orchestrated by his enemies, and the information is being leaked mostly via Twitter and YouTube. “Twitter … Let’s sweep it all the map,” he said.

“The international community can say this or that. Do not care. Everyone will see how powerful the Republic of Turkey,” he said in his characteristic uncompromising tone.

Two weeks ago, Erdogan said Turkey could ban Facebook and YouTube, he said, have been used by their enemies, after revealing corruption recordings of his collaborators was published online.