Twins who sued Facebook, travel to space and pay with bitcoin


Known to have sued the co-founder of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg, accusing him of stealing the idea of the social network, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss Twins already betting on bitcoin since last year, when they filed the papers for operating an investment fund in virtual currency. Now they both want to take the virtual money further: into space.

Cameron and Tyler said they used some of your bitcoins in buying tickets for a trip to space, promoted by the company Virgin Galactic, the millionaire Richard Bransson group.

The space tourism company intends to make its first foray outside the planet Earth in August this year, but now accept bitcoins as payment since November 2013.

“Humans have a long tradition of exploring and forging new frontiers, both physically and metaphorically,” wrote Tyler Winklevoss in the blog Capital, an investment fund in bitcoins Twins.

“Since their genesis, bitcoin and Virgin Galactic have written the next chapter in our history books. While one is opening a new era of post-currencies, entirely based on decentralized financial systems, the other is playing a new post was aviation, travel systems based on sub orbital aircraft, “Tyler wrote.

In June last year, the Twins sent the sheriff of the U.S. financial market SEC (equivalent to the Brazilian CVM) documents to go public a fund that will trade bitcoins as if they were shares.

Since then, the two have launched an index of the virtual currency called Winkdex and worked to raise funds for a payment processor with criptomoeda.

According to Virgin Galactic, they are not the first to pay the bill for the trip to space with bitcoins.