Tutorial How to play Heroes of Order and Chaos (HOC)




HOC is a first game on mobile Moba by Gamelolf production, games and large amounts player gameplay is addictive (I played almost 2 years without leave). You can download the game for free on Google Play with nearly 1 GB capacity. In this post i will write the Tutorial How to play Heroes of Order and Chaos (HOC)

II. How to play

The first time, you will be asked to select a language, then have to play through the game’s tutorial screen before login. Login to the game, there are 3 ways: account registration GL live, use facebook, use google +

After the game, you select Play in sequence left menu to choose a map to play


Games with 3 maps to play, tap on any other mapping will also present you with 4 game modes:

  • + PvP : Players will establish two teams fighting each other.
  • + Co-op : Players will establish one team fighting machine (CPU)
  • + Solo : The Players will team up to fight with the CPU and other CPUs
  • + Custom : Mode option parameters of the original game.

For example 3v3 map and select Co-op will be the interface before entering the game as shown below


Click to select 1 hero, to 2 to select the skill, to 3 to select talent, to 4 to select the tablet (this much I will present specific post)

1. And here is the start of the interface match 


Number 1 is your Hero, 2 is the in-game Shop, Main Building 3 is its side (side destroyed the house before they lose)

A is the character images you (icon) and other information, in particular:

+ Dot the top left circle icon shows the status of your internet network (blue network is good, yellow and red are pretty weak network is vulnerable to shocks play , lag)

+ bottom left figure shows the level of hero icon in the game.

+ icon on the right side on the hero name (in the picture is kagax) and gold (money) in the game. Gold is used to purchase the item (equipment) in the shop (each hero only a maximum of 6 items, and the item can be purchased gradually upgrade)

+ green bar displays HP (blood) of the characters, bar blue display MP (mana, use special moves to beat, beat, it usually does not wear mana). Each character has his HP / MP various MP

+ Underneath the bar exp, exp digital display you are, when the bar fills up, then level up your hero. New to the game, the level is 1, max level is 15.

+ The right square HP / MP buff effects show that you are receiving, or displaying the effects of the items you have bought in the shop.

+ Click options will appear below the menu includes tabs:


  • stats (status of all heroes)
  • bag (items you purchased)
  • attributes (attributes of your character)
  • quests (tasks are carried out), option (optional).

Surrender Optins tab button, when your team does not have the ability to win next opponent is hit just takes more time, you can click on this button to proceed to vote to surrender.

On the right is the mini map, click on it to enlarge for you to observe the military situation, where our troops? attacking the enemy where ?, … you can also click on one area of the map to display that place, and then click outside the map to your character automatically runs to.

Below maps are the abilities of your character , the character only has 4 moves, 3 moves under always want to be, but moves on with new Lv6 must be increased. Click to attack and hold for about 2 seconds it moves out of the interpretation, depending on the character that increases attack before any moves after the fair.

Downstairs again a few small circles overlap , beside a small arrow, click on it will show the best, is the outermost of the characters special moves, next to the flag, click the flag will fly back to the village. If you have purchased average in MP, HP, it would appear here, click on to use.

2. How to play basic

Control of your character in the game move by clicking on the screen (like a mouse click on this pc), the character will automatically run to where you click, tutorial set is used several times.

When the fight will have to prepare the countdown 90s purchased from the page to the second baggage 10th game it snuggles up to 1 in jail and to tell you the time to prepare to fight, when it runs out, the game will create Lot 1 to 1 flood of soldiers with guns, knives hammers, bows and arrows, tanks, armored vehicles, … to help you kill enemies, they are a great, although you are a hero (hero) but the best, you just go for it after it healed us, across the front line, the enemy also deploy the same team, the two sides met, the soldier blades will hammer melee, bows and artillery troops highly radioactive, long-range cannons that shoot will stand on.

Soldiers fighting you see, please jump on that guillotine enemy, if the enemy general, the guillotine minister. If it is more advantageous to chase go at it, if it’s weaker (more blood loss, or larger enemy) then do not be foolish, quixotic employees do not have to be a prey for it to level up, go fast its withdrawal (10 seconds gentleman revenge not too late )

When withdrawal should be drawn about the Tower stood little (fortress), has been awarded exp, which saw him nearby enemy stormed aggressive, sticky shells There is little blood station, then we kill. Conversely, when the enemy is close access to the Tower of us noticed it, lv is small, the second hit of the village.

So to keep a safe distance from the hut little ducks that unless our army soldier scapegoat. In general, the taste is not close when they repulsed the enemy troops will advance to break the duck hut, his right to burst into the clearing to help us juniors. This duck hut it should be a priority before garrisoned Note if the soldier saw that it was 1-2 at the blood too, I should run away, because it will kill all soldiers kill themselves. 1 hut is burning about 500 gold.

If playing familiar, then you can open the map to see when the two sides melee, the map will appear on the yellow dots, which are signified by a wild animal or loggers It aims to improve the health of meat, kill the spider 3 will be one level up, kill a few more places around again, you were able to level 3, this time a new enemy lv1-2, spoiled shootings .

Unfortunately when you died, if you have “Revival Rune”, you can click on it to immediately revive (revive the village), if not, they must wait a period of penance for mistakes their higher level of repentance as long time.

“Revival Rune” earned by playing the clown lottery (DAILY REWARD tab), 1 times per day with free, free rotation, all the “Revival Rune” and evenness (free which ), to better, which turns emblem, are little more than fancy furniture but also silly note, if extended to the left rune rotation (each rune ~ 1.99usd 100) is a good map, if lucky, there are heroes.

3. Shop in the game

4 Interface end game

– When the game ends, you will receive emblem (1) and exp (2). Because I have reached the max level is level 40 and up plus exp is 0.
– you noted: Battle win your first day will be adding 270 emblem. Now reset the match will be the first win 7am. The first match of the day, despite losing well okay, still won the match after 270 dc emblem, once lost several games after winning the first game but still be rewarded.
– You can double rewards by purchasing items at the shop outside the screen Main. The items (doping, ecstasy) you purchase will be stored in the profile section. – Binh blue is used for doping x2 exp for 24 hours, the smaller the x2 only in 1 game, must win both new comment x2 – Binh blue is used for doping x2 emblem. same as above, – Fair Use yellow will give you 40 points Talen immediately within 24 hours, if you are at lv10 also have 40 talent, when you level up, there is still 1 more talent as average Usually, all 24g, your talent will be reset.


1. Hero: You go to profile / heroes to see their hero and skin it you can go to shop / buy heroes and heroes to shop / skins to buy skins for heroes.


2. Skill : I said here is common to all hero skill, you go to profile / skill to see, this skill will be unlocked in each level to unlock all levels and when you are on level 40.


3. Talent:


Provides additional strength to the part of your heroes Here is a table to increase the basic indicators of the hero and some other special effects. Talent may be increased to a maximum of 40 points corresponding to the highest level of players is 40. In the picture above I just opened 2 tables to add talent. Table No. 1 community to use for his fighter, this was her plus £ 2 for using mage (you will see in Table 2 using the index plus his talent for mage tab up to 30 points) A plus point is simple that you click on to community tap.


4. Tablet: Provides additional strength to the part of your heroes

  • Stone (Incription) For ease of understanding, his first introduction to the Committee on Stone (Incription) Stone has 3 types: – type copper and silver: buy in the shop / items / ins – type gold (gold): In tablet / exchange to juice up from 4 types of silver stones or any conversion function properties of gold stone tablet / exchange (for example, you want a yellow stone increased MP, first you have to have an MP who rose to leave the box on the right sample, left longer give any gold stones that you want to transfer properties to increase MP. then press the switch, you will have add a gold stone rose MP, the member for converting course lost).
  • Tablet: At tablet / management will present a list of tablet you are.
    You buy a tablet in the shop / tablet. Choose a tablet you wish to use, click on the pencil to add ice to the tablet.
    Each tablet will have 4 boxes to tell us stones in (by dragging). Stone rose attributes in addition also provides a number of Order or Chaos points. Each tablet has requested Order and Chaos points to trigger special effects that tablet. For example, the tablet needs 8 Order and Chaos 8 to activate, so you attach the stone so that it becomes enough to request new activation.
    Upon Order and Chaos is enough finger-shaped icon with the circle will light up, and you click on it (called ascend) to activate the special effects of tablet and it also blocks you are not editing anything out.Want to edit, then you have to spend 750 emblem or 25 runes.
  • Slot: Each character carries a maximum of 3 tablets, to carry the tablet, you have to buy slots to accommodate tablet
    After purchasing the slot, press the plus sign on the right to choose tablet for that slot. Each character is right to bring 3 tablet with 3 slot is unlocked. The effect of the tablet is not cumulative, so using 3 different tablets work offline.

Fighter and Mage Tablet



Here is the complete tablet for fighter (reference)

And the tablet for mage (reference)



5 Shop:

This is the place where you buy heroes, items ….
To play the game, you must have a Hero. Each week there will be 6 hero game for us to play for free, plus you can buy in the shop hero / heroes


Tthis game has more than 30 heroes, each hero has indicators and different abilities, divided into 4 classes (class):

  • + Guardian : There are 9 heroes, this group has the highest HP, have the skills (abilities) defense-minded
  • + Mage: There are 11 heroes, the group moves to use magical attack (magic)
  • + Fighter : There are 11 heroes, this group is the group of attackers, the attacks also specializes in physical attacks (physical)
  • + Support : There are 8 heroes, this group is a support group team, this team has the skill hero very good buff allies, have 1 hero also has way “revive” the dead , there is some support as mage type.

6. Guild guild gangster, a community established to solicit for another go fight, go stir (you can see more detail in section II).

7. Relay Where to store your memories, here you will be considered to win (or lose) their most recent, you can also click the SAVE button to save (the game will ask you to name ” film footage “that), can save a lot of games.

8. Option : On Language to select the language