TripAdvisor’s 1.4 million users stolen information

Viator, website support placing the online travel Trip Advisor, has notified hacker attacks and holds a large amount of information from the customer account.

TripAdvisor new Viator – site of the world’s largest travel – 7/2014 bought in May for $ 220 million. The company said: “On 2/9, provider of payment card services informs us about the state of appearing incidental charges on a credit card the amount of customers. They have invited security experts, lawyers … to investigate in order to determine our system has affected how “.

hack-1330-1411687556Photo: Hackernews.

The report found that hacker had infiltrated the database of access Viator and payment card data warehousing, including credit card numbers and debit cards were coded, name, expiration date , billing address and e-mail of about 880,000 customers.

Besides, the hacker has access to your account information and control of Viator e-mail address, name (nickname) and password to more than 560,000 members Viator.

The company said the PIN on a debit card (debit) of customers being stolen because they do not store this information on the system. Viator recommends users to monitor card transactions and immediately notify the supplier if it detects unusual charges. In addition, the system Viator members also need to change your account password.

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