Traffic Police of Delhi Launched a Official android app

We all Taught of our Indian government to launch its official  Android app like Traffic,Weather Updates,Political View,Welfare activities etc.This app is Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) you can download from Play Store.This app has Several Features Like.



-Residents Traffic updates,Traffic Updates.

-Traffic Advisory to perform good Journey.

-To Know About Taxi and Auto Fair Prices to all Citizens to avoid high pay taxi prices.

-Complaints About the Traffic

-Signal Faults

-Get Information About the Towed vehicles by traffic police

– Make Emergency calls in case of any Exigens.

– Vehicles Lost Reports etc.

– Get Information FAQ about Traffic police.


This will allow the Residents in Delhi to know about Traffic problems in areas and advisor about it,To get regular Taffic alerts,to get Fair Auto Taxi prices for the Distance.This also provide facility to Update regular Traffic problems from one to all. This application is compatible with Android 2.3+ Versions and Free to Download.

Download Here: Delhi Traffic Police

It will be Good if this kind of app will release in all Parts of India.I think they will soon do it.