Top 5 Hacker(s) in the World History


1) Kevin Mitnick

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Kevin Mitnick is the Top Hacker of his time and a Most Wanted Computer Criminal in U.S History.He Was Jailed Twice one in 1988 and 1995.He has Damaged the Communication Systems like Motorola,Nokia,Sun MicroSystem etc.He has Damaged the Source code of Digital Equipment Corporation.The company Spended 170,000$ to Cleanup the DEC Systems.

2) Gary Mckinnon

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He is the System administrator and maked he Commited  Crime of biggest Military System attack Ever.He has Hacked 97 U.S Military and NASA Computers Over the 1 Year.He was Hacking the Systems by Using a Fake Name “SOLO”.According to him he Claimed .That attacks to know the Information of UFO and Free Energy suppression.According to United States Authority’s He has Maked the Damage of $700,000. He has also Posted a Message in Military Websites that “Your Security is Crap

3)Jonathan James

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James is the Youngest hacker in the History at the age of 15 he has hacked into Miami Dade school network and Bellsouth.He has damaged NASA Systems of worth 40,000$ and He stolen 1.7 Million worth NASA Software.He has Commited Suicide and he wrote a note that I honestly, honestly had nothing to do with TJX”.

4)Andrian Lamo


He is Born in 1981 Feb,20.He is a Gray Hat Hacker.He as hacked many Systems of Microsoft,Yahoo and New York times etc. for this crimes he is arrested in 2003.

5)  Albert Gonzalez

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Albert Gonzalez is also Know as Credit-Card Hacker he has nearly hacked 170 Million Card and ATM Numbers.He will Hack them and Resell them to the other Hacker’s 2005-2007 he has Commited the biggest Fraud in the History.

Top 5 Hacker in the World History