Top 5 Fun Apps for Android


Top 5 Fun Apps for Android

Prox Lite


What is prox Lite?.Prox Lite is the cool android app by which you can easily access your android phone without touching it.This app uses proximity sensor to do this.Just access your Phone by Just waving your hand above the android phone.Just pass your hand over android phone.Adjust the Setting Such as if you wave hand Right side what the action will be.It uses Both proximity and  accelerometer Sensor to launch the actions.

 Metal Detector


Metal Detector in android phone Sounds Good right.Metal Detector app is developed by Smart Tool Developer’s . So how does it works?.This app uses magnetic sensor which is inbuilt in your Phone.Using Magnetic sensor it detects Magnetic fields and finds metal Objects.Using Metal detector app you can also Detect the wires under your  walls.

Scanner Radio


What is Scanner Radio?.Scanner Radio is a Unique android app which allows you to listen 3,500 Radios which Scan the radios all over the world such as Police,Fire,Weather Radios.You can also Scan the Radios according to the distance using GPS. You can get Notified if any incident happens.

Color Booth


Color Booth is the cool android app which allows you take image and Visualize it according to your taste.Change the Color of the Object in the image.You can easily change your shirt,hair and skin color.Make some cool images using Splash effects and Share it with your friends.

Change my Voice


Change my voice is the app which allows you to change your voice to Funny voice.Change your voice to cat,robot,child,women and more.You can also adjust your voice Pitch speed and more.Modify your Voice and make it to your favorite voice form.