Top 5 Cool Gadgets to Buy Under 1000 Rs

Want to buy Cool Gadgets for you in this month here are the top 5 cool gadgets to buy Under 1000 Rs.



Ambrane USB Portable Charger


This cool Gadget helps you to portably Charge you phone anywhere. You have forgotten to Charge your phone and want to charge it while going to your Office,School and collage etc.Just Put this portable charger to your phone and it will get charged till ou reach your distination.

Price : 675 Rs

Here : Ambrane USB Portable Charger


HP  Wireless Comfort Mouse


Access your Desktop or Laptop wirelessly your HP Wireless Mouse. This mouse has wireless small usb device just Plug it in to your PC or Laptop USB slot and Play.This wireless cool Mouse also have 3 Years of Warranty means long Run.Network Reachable Up to 30 Meters.

Price : 599 Rs

Here: HP  Wireless Comfort Mouse

D-Link Wi-Fi Router


Dont Have a Wi-Fi Router and wanted to a Router here it comes D-link.Just plug your LAN Cable in to Router and Play.This awesome Wi-Fi Router Comes with 3 Years Warranty and Instent Insurance.

Price: 952 Rs 

Here : D-Link Wi-Fi Router

Zebronics Vivo Headset

vivo-bWireless headsets upto 50 Feet Range for your Laptop Or PC Or smartphone. This cool head also has FM Support , Inbuilt Microphone and High Quality Music Wirelessly.It has One Year Warranty.

Price: 539 Rs

Here: Zebronics Vivo Headset

Orbit Malta Coffee Maker


Now with the Orbit Malta Coffee Making had became more easier. You are a busy person and want coffee then this Gadget will make you it with in minutes Instently. This Gadget comes with 1 year warranty.

Price: 995 Rs

Here: Orbit Malta Coffee Maker





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