Top 5 Browsers for android

Here is the list of top 5 Browsers for android with all the features and this browsers are free to Install each browser has its own specifications.

5) SkyFire


SkyFire is the one of  best Intelligent web browser for android.This browser has a search option for Google,Facebook,Twitter and more.You can easily bookmark any website and also Like Directly and also share any website through Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and more.This browser can play all the flash video.

4) UC Browser


UC Browser has been the best Browser for Java and symbian platform and now its also available for android and it’s the best android browser with HTML5 browser form.You can also save the webpages and videos and watch them offline.This browser has many options which makes the browser experience great.

3) Google Chrome


Google Chrome is the one of the best and fast web browser for PC and android.Google chrome browser has HTML 5 support with Google navigation in it.Share and bookmark any website directly.Open multiple tabs.Google chrome has some cool unique web browser options.

2) Dolphin Browser


Here is our second top browser for android. This browser is fast,Stylish and have some cool features in it.This browser support HTML 5.Share any page directly and bookmark it.This browser has an option called Gesture.This browser also has Add-on’s Enabled.

1) Opera Mini


Opera Mini web browser has been the one of the best and most liked fast browser for Java and Symbian.Now it is available for android with fast Browser and easily controllable android web browser with using this browser you can easily save upto 70% of your Data and this browser also has speed dial and network test.I personally use this browser.You can also save the webpages and read them when your in offline.This is the Fastest Browser.