Top 5 Best Free Games For Android

Do you want play games on your smartphone? Do you looking the best games? We will introduce 5 best free games for Android that you can play.

1 Temple Run 2

Temple-Run 2

The game is very popular in many country, you may encounter in Temple Run android phone of a friend or break someone will pull back to Temple Run “to run, run and rushing. … “With Temple Run 2, interface and gameplay is significantly improved. How to play the game is extremely simple, you will have to run, run and run fast to get rid of the monsters, gorillas are very persistent stalking you in the temple, and all the pitfalls or above the abyss on the road, …

Especially in this version, players can jump into the air turned to watch the beautiful sunset. Temple Run 2 was rated as the natural environment and smoother, feels more authentic than the first version.

In some parts of the game, characters will have to perform the swing phase spectacular or sitting in the wagon sliding on rails of the dangerous mines. Also, Temple Run 2 provides up to 4 characters to play, each character has their own unique strengths and features for players to upgrade.

Download Temple Run 2 for Android

2. Tetris


This is probably the only game on the list is perhaps more popular than Angry Birds. Tile puzzle game with simple but highly addictive conquered generations born from the handheld device to a modern smartphone. Between the mobile market are constantly appearing new titles, Tetris is still a difficult choice ignored.

The same download on your device and back childhood memories!

Download Tetris game for Android

3. PewpewPew Pew

PewPew is a shooting game on Android multidimensional best. You need to win bronze, silver and gold medals to unlock better ships with the ability to move faster and the ability to automatically return fire. The game has several game modes to choose.

Download PewPew game for Android

4. Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express is a new puzzle game. The game is easy to learn but difficult to score extremely high.

Your mission is simple: Try to take each ship to the destination station (the red train to red Station, blue train to the blue Station etc.)

Download game Trainyard Express for Android

5.Cut the rope

Cut the rope

A hit game on the mobile platform, is a very popular game in both iOS and Android.

As the name of the game, the only task of the player in Cut the Rope is a wire cutter to drop candy into the mouth right of the green frog hungry. Like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope app very good physical features, forcing the player to move orbital calculations of candy before cutting wires..

The system is arranged stars scattered throughout the game screen creating challenging and very high replay value of Cut the Rope. With the first game screen, the collection is the 3 stars is quite easy, as the later, this task becomes more tricky and always makes the player to brainstorm up to find the most affordable plan . Not only must calculate the cutting wire, the player must pay attention to the annoying obstacles in game screen as spiders or husband and bubble trap system bong.Cut the Rope has over 100 screens and challenges in each screen play is done very carefully and meticulously.

Cut the property Ropeso all the elements required in a typical iPhone game: fun features high, full use of the iPhone features and gameplay possibilities “addictive”.

Download Cut the Rope for Android