Top 3 Knowledge Gaining apps for Android

Want to gain Knowledge From your android phone when you’r bored.Here are the Educational apps that help your to increase your Knowledge. Top 3 Knowledge Gaining apps for Android



coursera logo

Coursera is the Large Online Based Education Web Source is Now available for Android Platform also.It has the huge Source of Educational Catagories of University and Collage Cources you can also take the certificate in the range of 35+ to 100 USD.Best way to educate your self from your Phone.



TED is a Communite which has huge Collection of  Great People who were sharing their experiance and knowledge people and the World.This are in the form of Video or Audio Tracks.The world leader’s talk about the Music,technology,business etc Motivational speech.



We all Know about NASA right.The NASA app has the Vauable information of Space which is Researched by the NASA.It has images,missions,videos,projects etc.