Top 3 Expensive apps in Google Play

There are 60% of free android apps and 40% are paid apps in that here the top 3 most expensive android apps.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus ($200.00)


This app is Non-official FIFA app and which is also popular.Just what you Have to do i shake your phone then its starts to blast horn of worldcup.To stop it just shake you hand again that’s it.

Here is the app link Google Play

I’m Rich!! (White Diamond) $150


I’m Rich android app is non-functional android app which a type of show off app to display user’s wealth and status it display’s white diamond and colorfull   diamonds in home screen.

Here is the link Google play

Mobile Accessibility US $99


This app shows you the easily interact icons and features of Email,SMS,Contact ,apps and setting.This app is visually impreassed and its look is basic.

Here is the app link Google Play

This apps are totally Priceless but they are Expensive with the no Features.