Top 3 Cool Launchers for Android

Bored of Regular Custom Look of your Smartphone with the same Icons and Style. This are the best Laucher for your Android phone to make them very attractive and Cool. This launchers also include themes choose the best theme for you taste and preference easy customizable.

Dodol Launcher


This is the most beautiful Launcher with many options like Icon, Theme, Font and more. This app has more than 1000 Launchers and icon’s most of them are Free. This app clear option using that you can clear memory in One Tap. It has Screenshot option to share your Customization options with friends Via Pinterest and Instagram.


Nova Launcher


This Launcher is highly Customizable , Performance and No Slow Down of your Android Phone. The Minimum Compatiablity of Android version is 4.o. Select the best preference color for default theme you can customize layout, Animation , Icons and every thing that you want.

GO Launcher EX


This Launcher is the most popular among in playstore. This launcher has huge collection of cool stuff like 3D Core, Widgets , Transation Effect it also have hundred’s of live wallpapers for your device this app works very intellgently to give you best user experience. The best feature of this launcher is that it Supports android 2.2 Version also.



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