‘Titanfall’ for Xbox 360 delayed again and arrives on April 8

The game of first-person shooter “Titanfall” One was released for Xbox and PC on March 11. Initially, this was the date set for the Xbox 360 version, but it was postponed to March 25.Now, the owners of the game Microsoft will have to wait until April 8th to play the game, as the company has postponed its launch again.

In Europe, the game will be released only on April 11, a month after the launch for PC and Xone.

Unlike the version of the game and the new generation of computers, developed by Respawn Entertainment, the Xbox 360 version is being made by the studio Bluepoint.

“We saw some things we could improve, so we are taking more time to adjust to the Bluepoint needed and deliver an epic experience ‘Titanfall’ on Xbox 360,” said Electronic Arts, producer of the title, in a statement. “The game will have the same matches with 12 players (6 vs. 6), maps, modes, weapons and letters from the other versions.”

“Titanfall” costs $ 250 on Xbox One and £ 100 on PC. On Xbox 360, the game will cost R $ 200.The game is the first work of the studio Respawn Entertainment, founded by the creators of “Call of Duty” series. The highlight of the game is the possibility of using giant robots, the Titans, in battles against humans.