‘Titanfall’ will have mobile app and closed group of friends to play

The producer of the game shooting “Titanfall” released on Tuesday (11), Drew McCoy, announced via Twitter that the title of One Xbox, Xbox and PC will have an application to track the status of the player and results matches – as “Call of Duty” and “Battlefield” – the possibility of giving colors to identify teammates on the map and the ability to create private matches just for friends.

The game was released without any of these functions and causing more discomfort among gamers are private matches with friends. In the case of a game that is completely online, including campaign mode, playing alongside the known and this is the ideal way exists in shooting games for over a decade.

McCoy, who used Twitter to answer questions from fans during a flight, said the application “unfortunately was not ready to launch the game” and that’s coming soon. He would show the results of the latest matches, maps, results and information from friends about equipment configurations of players and may even change them on a smartphone and import these changes to the game.

Have the choice of colors is to identify friends in studies and should be implemented in a future update.

What should arrive earlier than expected, precisely because of requests for professional players who wish to compete in “Titanfall” are private matches. According to McCoy, the studio Respawn already working on the issue.

“Titanfall” costs $ 250 on Xbox One and £ 100 on PC. On Xbox 360, the game will cost £ 200 and arrives in the U.S. on March 25.