The Game 2048 app version have been played by 23 Million People


The online game ‘2048’ has been played by 23 million people worldwide, said on Monday (6) the game developer, Gabriele Cirulli, for posting on its website published to announce that, with the success , Applications of the game were released for Google’s Android and iOS, Apple systems.
In the game, players have to sum the squares of the numbers displayed on the screen until you reach 2048.
For this, they have to use the arrow keys to make two pieces are added and result in one. For this to occur, however, should be two squares of equal numbers – the lowest number is 2.
As the game unfolds – and according to the player’s skill – the screen is being taken by parts with values ​​4, 8, 16, 32 and so on until 2048 To complicate matters, a new piece arises. every move.
Cirulli said that since the game launched in March this year, has gone “one of the most exciting period of his life, as well as a greater stress.” In a posting on his blog, the developer wrote that the game was created in a weekend, inspired by similar games.
After the game be shared in discussion about design and technology forums, the “Google Analytics reported thousands of people on the site.” “I just could not believe this was happening.”
As the game was stationed on a platform “open souce”, in which the source code can be manipulated, many parodies emerged. “I did not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​profiting from the concept since 2048 was largely based on other games”

However, that he was missing an opportunity, Cirulli applications launched the game, which arrived on Sunday (5) Google store ( see here ) and Apple ( see here ). Also you can play the Web version Here To maintain the “open” character, the application is free. Users, however, have to pay $1 if they want to get rid of the ads.