How to take screenshot in Android phones

If you are playing a game or you want to Capture your game High score . You can just follow this simple steps to Capture your movement or your android phone Screen.This works on sony phones Xperia Z ,Nexus 4,HTC one and in some Other android 4.o New android phones. There are many methods to do that but we are Doing it in  two ways for Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Method One


1) First Press and Hold Power Button of your android phone.

2) Now Press Volume down Button for the same Time for 1 sec

That’s it,now you can see that your android phone is Captured your  Screenshot.

Method Two


– This method is very easy and many android phones have this.So Just hold and press the power Button then you can see that their is a Option of screenshot Click that your Screen is Captured.

How to take screenshot in 2.3 and lower


To take Screenshot in Android 2.3 Samsung Phones Click and Hold Home button then immediately press Power Button.That’s it your Screen is Captures.

If you have other devices and your phone is rooted then Download and Install this ScreenShot app and Take Screenshot.



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