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Windows 9 could be announced on September 30

Microsoft is planning to hold an event next month to officially announce the successor to Windows 8 so far codenamed “Windows Threshold”. The most likely date is the 30th which is At least close to the company said recently heard by sources The Verge . Windows Threshold has been subject to increasingly rumors for a number of reasons. The

Windows 7 Black Screen with Cursor Error Fix

Windows Black Screen Error is Comman. Infact i had this problem at times this a kind and it occurs due to many Factors.Here are the some fix’s for this problem. Fix 1: Sometimes it occurs due to Graphical Driver Problem so for this Just Tap on SHIFT button for 5 Times.Then a Window Dailog will

Learn how to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7

This Tuesday (08), Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft. The consequence is that the operating system does not receive updates and fixes. In addition, the company responsible for its development does not offer any kind of user support. Since the announcement of the end of support, the company has directed its users to update