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How to remove facebook games invitations?

Are you tired of the invitation  came from Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga, Dragon City? If you do not want to receive invitations to play this game you can follow these steps. Block Application You’re not playing Candy Crush Saga or listening to music on Spotify, but your friends are playing. This means that

The apps supports Touch ID

Touch ID increasingly more amazing after allowing for non-Apple apps can also use it to change their password login as before. For example, instead of having to enter the 4-digit passcode to open the Dropbox app, you only need to touch your finger to the ID that’s it. Many applications do not use passcode before

Rule Wi-Fi Networks Using this Android Tools

This tools will make you the King of Wi-Fi network.Want to access the Facebook accounts of public network or home.Wi-Fi networks are not so securce they can easily accessiable.So in this session we are stealing Cookies and access Fb account.These wifi apps are Free. Face Niff 1) First Connect to the WiFi network. 2) Now