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It’s the end of Nokia smartphones with Android X

Along with the  announcement of the dismiss of 18,000 employees , the greater the company’s history, the Microsoft said it is reducing its efforts on Nokia smartphones with Android X to invest in its own operating system, Windows Phone. Stephen Elop, executive vice president of Microsoft Devices, says the decision will reflect the company’s strategy to “focus on areas where

Goodbye, Nokia. Hello, Microsoft Mobile.

Nokia announced on Friday (25) completion of the sale of its once dominant mobile business to Microsoft , after the companies agreed to leave two factories in India and Korea, out of business. The company said it now expects the final sale price is slightly higher than the 5.44 billion euros (U.S. $ 7.52 billion) previously announced.

Nokia’s smartphone division will become a Microsoft company on April 25

Microsoft has  confirmed  that the acquisition of the division of Nokia devices and services will be finished this Friday, April 25. With the deal, Microsoft hopes to increase adoption of smartphones with Windows Phone and offer their services to more people. The purchase was announced in September last year  in a deal that, adding the handset division with patents the Finnish,