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Sharp introduces smartphone edge

Sharp is best known in Brazil for manufacturing televisions but in Japan, smartphones are company catalog and model announced this week is pretty impressive design. Called Aquos Crystal, is a 5-inch smartphone that has virtually no edge. The race to the bottom edge of all is not new in the field of smartphones. The option for this

Bhawani Garg’s Help Portal

Hello friends, i have just created a help portal where people can ask there question related to Chrome,Mozilla,PC,Laptop,Windows,Android etc everything related to internet/PC. i have installed the website in the dir of this website: you just have to register in that website and post a question and i will reply to that question as soon

Google is jumping into the domains game

Looks like Google is jumping into Domain registrar business, Google released a beta site available at . The website is invite only for now, you can visit the website and request an invite. Here’s what you get: No additional cost for private registration When you purchase or transfer a domain name, private registration is almost always