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Microsoft air strip used by virus systems that monitored webcam

The Microsoft dropped several control servers used by a pest called digital Njrat or Bladabindi.Although the ability to perform various activities, the pest is widely used to monitor the webcam of the victims. Developed by a kuaitiano, malware is, according to the more popular in the Middle East and North Africa maker Symantec antivirus. There are several instructions in

Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3

In the race by launching increasingly modern tablets, and anticipating releases from Apple and Samsung in the industry, Microsoft introduced on Tuesday (20) tablet Surface Pro 3, third version of the mobile device that runs Windows 8 operating system . According to the company, this version of the tablet “can replace the notebook.” The handset

Goodbye, Nokia. Hello, Microsoft Mobile.

Nokia announced on Friday (25) completion of the sale of its once dominant mobile business to Microsoft , after the companies agreed to leave two factories in India and Korea, out of business. The company said it now expects the final sale price is slightly higher than the 5.44 billion euros (U.S. $ 7.52 billion) previously announced.