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Cybersecurity Watch The Google New Project Zero

Every day more than 1000 Cyber attacks takes place world wide attacks like Spamming, Online Frauds , Malware , Torgans and Cyber attacks. Day by Day google has Increaseing its Cyber Security so  Now google announced a new project named Project Zero. This is a Great Team of Cyber Security they will watch on security

How to Remove Unwanted Backlinks from blog

Getting Unwanted backlinks to your Blog that has taking your Ranking down then you can get rid of the unwanted backlinks.What this spam backlinks can do ?.They can Down your rank in google and in Alexa.Who generate this spam backlinks the people who dont want to get high traffic for you.Your compititors etc.This spam create

How to Increase Google Chrome Browser Speed

Google Chrome is the fastest Browser.Some times we notice that your Chrome is working Slow Don’t worry.Today we are going to know about how the increase the Speed of Google Chrome with this simple Tips. Disable Extensions Some times few extensions Cause to Dump your Browser Speed.Extensions are a part of chrome they are similar to

Google is jumping into the domains game

Looks like Google is jumping into Domain registrar business, Google released a beta site available at . The website is invite only for now, you can visit the website and request an invite. Here’s what you get: No additional cost for private registration When you purchase or transfer a domain name, private registration is almost always