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How to remove facebook games invitations?

Are you tired of the invitation  came from Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga, Dragon City? If you do not want to receive invitations to play this game you can follow these steps. Block Application You’re not playing Candy Crush Saga or listening to music on Spotify, but your friends are playing. This means that

How to find Initial Chat Friends List in Facebook

What is Initial Chat List ? Initial Chat List Depends on many factors like Same School or Collage, Same Work , Liking, Commenting , Relationship Etc. But most of them think that Facebook Initial Chat List depends on Recent facebook profile Visits but it is completely wrong. Tutorial : How to View Facebook Initial Chat

How to Recognize a Fake Facebook profile

Now a days fake Facebook profiles are increasing.There are more than 900 million+ Facebook accounts in that 100 million are Fake. So here are some simple tips to find a fake facebook profile. 1) Check the profile and View Photos.So that you can get some information about that Profile. 2) Now view the date of