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Now Google Launcher is available for devices with Android 4.1 or higher

The month of August started with good news for owners of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) handsets: Google Now Launcher received an update to include support officer at all (or almost) devices with this or with the following versions of the platform. Until then, users only models like  Nexus 5 or devices offered via Google Play could count on the app.

Traffic Police of Delhi Launched a Official android app

We all Taught of our Indian government to launch its official  Android app like Traffic,Weather Updates,Political View,Welfare activities etc.This app is Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) you can download from Play Store.This app has Several Features Like.   -Residents Traffic updates,Traffic Updates. -Traffic Advisory to perform good Journey. -To Know About Taxi and Auto Fair Prices

Best E-mail apps for android

Here are the best E-mail apps for Android reather than Gmail,Yahoo etc. CloudMagic This app is really a cloud magic app.It Offers basic integration with popular the third-party services such as Zendesk, Pocket, Mailchimp, and Evernote and more.Using this app save direct Links to the pocket app.It comes with support for Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud,