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Top 5 Best Free Games For Android

Do you want play games on your smartphone? Do you looking the best games? We will introduce 5 best free games for Android that you can play. 1 Temple Run 2 The game is very popular in many country, you may encounter in Temple Run android phone of a friend or break someone will pull

Top 3 Cool Launchers for Android

Bored of Regular Custom Look of your Smartphone with the same Icons and Style. This are the best Laucher for your Android phone to make them very attractive and Cool. This launchers also include themes choose the best theme for you taste and preference easy customizable. Dodol Launcher This is the most beautiful Launcher with

Is Antivirus are Really Necessary for Android or Not

This very Frequently asked question that Antivirus are Necessary for Android Devices or Not ?. So Android is an Operating System which is like a human which get Sick due to some viruses right, Same conclusion works here Yes android devices also need antivirus to protect them self from this virus like vaccination in Humans