Sync large files a bit faster by Dropbox

Synchronize files between computers over the Internet is convenient, but the upload speed of the connections makes this process is quite time consuming. Dropbox  is trying to make the task less painful  with the “sync streaming”, which promises to significantly reduce the time required – theoretically, it is possible to double the speed of large files in sync.


How it works? The explanation seems so simple that you can not understand why they did before.Before sending your computer to Dropbox that giant 3GB video and only after lengthy upload, other machines began to download the file. With the new technique, you send only small blocks of time, which shall be immediately downloaded by other machines. Connection active for longer, higher speed everyone happy.

A full explanation of course involves more complex issues and can be read in  the Dropbox blog .The new technique takes action whenever a file is larger than 16 MB and usually decreases the time required for synchronizing a file by approximately 25%. In the ideal scenario, where the download and upload connections are equal, the speedup tends to 100%.

To take advantage of the new synchronization technique, you need to download the  latest version of the Dropbox client , which also includes improvements to notifications and new languages. Before synchronizing streaming work there, it is necessary to release the Dropbox feature in your account – if you have not already done so, will be in the coming weeks.

Now we need lower prices.