How to Surf anonymously in your School or Office if they are Blocked

Surf any website if it is blocked in your School,Collage or Office.How you can surf website which are block.Here are the 3 methods to access them.


 Method 1:

Changing the URL

1)Example if want to browse

2)So now to browse the Site i have to change http:// to https://

3) Like this

If this method does’nt  work then Skip to Second.

Method 2:

Using proxy Servers

Here are the list of proxy Servers. etc.

Go to any site.

Enter the website link in URL box that you want to surf.

Enjoy surf.

Method 3 :

Using VPN.

VPN Stands for Virtual private Network they are many free VPN or Trails Availible.

1) Search for best VPN in google search engine.

2) Choose a VPN Trial or Buy it.

3) Download it and install in PC.

4) Just enter the sites that you want to surf.