How to Start Browsers in Private Mode


It has been about the privacy at  Browser.This feature is in all browsers allow you to access internet without storing history,temporary cookies,Data etc.Here we are disccusing about enabling this feature in most popular browsers like Google Chrome,FireFox and Internet explore.How to Start Browsers in Private Mode


FireFox :

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Method 1:

First open firefox go to Tools>Options>Select privacy Tab Change it to Never Remember History.

Method 2:

In the URL Section of Firefox enter about:config now in that search for browser.privatebrowsing.autostart Double Click thats it you’r Done.

Google Chrome

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Method 1:

Its quite Easy in Chrome Open it up and click this icon 2 and Select New incognito Window. A windows will popup in private mode.Without Search history,Temporary Cookies,Data etc.

Method 2:


Right Click on Google Chrome icon Go to Properties then Shortcuts tab and add -incognito in Target box after Text.

Internet Explore

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Same as in the Chrome  Second method Right Click o Internet Explore and Select Properties then Shortcuts tab and add this–private  just before text in Target Box.