Spotify Android app Emails Customers about Hack theft

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Spotify Sended the Hack warning to their Customers which is Reported by DataBase Branch.Earlier it sended a Message to he Customers to Update the Spotify app.It has Conformed last date today.But the Users who have not Updated Spotify Getting force Update.


So it is Request to all to Users to Update Spotify it is no Longer Working.The Spotify has first Reported this News on the Database Branch after the Cyber Attack on Ebay a week ago.

Spotify Says that it did not include any Password,Emails,Payments or the Financial Information. Spotify CTO Oscar Says that There security team has been aware of some Unauthorised access to their System and Only One User Data has Been Accessed.

“If you have Trouble in Spotify Access then it is prefered to Re-enter your Username and Password”.

So,Finally Spotify Recommends all Users to Upgrade the Spotify new Version.It has been said to all the Spotify android users to Re-Download their Playlist.According to Spotify in the future days they will increase there security.