Sony and Panasonic Announce disk with 300 GB of storage

Japanese companies Sony and Panasonic said on Monday (10) we have created a new optical disc format with storage capacity up to 300 GB (Gigabytes), which hit the market in 2015, but could reach 1 TB (Terabyte).

The new technology, called Archival Disc is a natural substitute for Blu-ray, which has a storage capacity of 25 GB to 200 GB.

Another type of widely used optical disc, DVD-R can store 4.7GB. Ie, new discs Sony and Panasonic 300 GB can store up to 63 times more than the same as an ordinary DVD-R.

The companies also reported that efforts to expand the capacity of arquivamente will not stop there. The technology Archival Disc will be deepened so that the storage capacity per disk is between 500 GB and 1 TB (Terabyte). What with respect to DVD-R, represents a quantum leap in the ability of 106 times and 217 times, respectively.

According to Sony and Panasonic, the bet on a physical media in times of cloud computing (where the digital files are stored on external servers and are only accessed through the Internet) as a new generation of storage occurs because the optical disks are resistant to dust water temperature changes and humidity.

In addition, the companies say, the disks allow compatibility between different generations of formats, which ensures that a given continue to be read even with the evolution of formats.

Companies also swim against the tide of the computer industry. Notebooks, the kind of best-selling computer in the world, they begin to be drawn without CD and DVD player. Dell and Apple are among the companies that joined this trend.