Small screen PC and low resolution led to redo Facebook Feed

Computers with small screens and low resolution were the determining motive Facebook News Feed revamp the area that displays updates from friends and pages you follow, according to the director of design for social network. Julie Zhuo, the reason it was responsible for abandoning a test site that would make the photos larger.

“It turns out that while I (and maybe you) have a 27 inch monitor with high resolution and super clear, many people in the world do not have. Low resolution and small screens are more common around the world than the high-resolution monitors Apple and Dell, “wrote the executive.

“The old design that we tested did not work well in a 10-inch netbook. Single story does not fit in the field of view. Not to mention that many people accessing the site every day just use Facebook on the PC not on phones or tablets, “he added.

Released gradually to users of the network since the beginning of March, the new Feed simplified the way information were willing and resembles the version shown in the Facebook application.The new format comes to resemble a RSS news reader.

The Feed tested by the social network in 2013 with few users showed larger pictures and was not well received.

“If you need to scroll down the page more often because every story is bigger, or navigation requires larger mouse movements to be wider then the site becomes more difficult. These people may not be early adopters or use the same equipment as us, but the quality of their experience matter in the same way, “said the director.

At the time that the News Feed was launched redesigned and simplified, the manager Greg Marra took the test were not successful. “The various icons that appear in the left area of ​​the page were confusing for most users. Seemed cool when we launched, but did not help. Again In Feed, you will not need to learn new things, and this was our goal in changing.”