Shareholder calls for Nintendo to make games for smartphones and tablets

One of the best-known hedge fund managers in Asia, Seth Fischer wrote to Nintendo , asking the Japanese video game maker promotes the development and sale of games for mobile devices from Apple and Google .

Oasis of the Executive Management, Hong Kong, holding a slice of Nintendo, Fischer had already sent in June correspondence similar to the Japanese company. The latest of them is the sum of the pressure of other investors in the Asian company to let Nintendo to develop games only for your own devices.

Some investors want Nintendo to take advantage of the spread of smartphones and tablets launching games that can be played on any mobile device. Recently, the company cut its sales forecast for the Wii U console

“Nintendo should embrace this thematic shift in demand, behavior and expectations of consumers to remain relevant,” said Wednesday (26) Fischer, vice president of investment Oasis.

“We look at individual applications separately within the company but I guess not anunciariamos the result,” a spokesman for Nintendo’s reply to the letter Fischer said.

The spokesman did not comment directly on any consideration that Nintendo may have given the request for Fischer. Fischer was unavailable for comment.