How to Set Up or Recover Facebook profile using Trusted Contacts

A Methods to Recover Your Facebook Account if it been Stolen by some Monkeys.So to use Trusted Contact Recovery Method first you have to Set Up it for your account further Safety. psob

How to Set Up Trusted Contact

– Login in to Your Facebook account.

– Now go to “Settings”.Then go to Security Tab.

– Click Edit On” Trusted Contacts”.

– Now select 3-5 Trusted Contacts your friends Facebook account that you Trust.

– Now Conform It.

How to Recover Facebook account

So when your Facebook account is being effect by a Spam,Or you have forgotten your facebook account then you can follow this method to recover your facebook account.Only if you don’t have email address and access to your Mobile.

1) First go to Facebook if you’r are unable to login in to you’r account then you can Click on “Forgotten Password”

2) Now enter your Email address.

3) Now click on “No Longer access to this”

4) Then enter any newly Created email address.

5) It will take you to the Trusted Contacts recovery page. trusted_contacts_10 6) Click on “Reveal My Trusted Contacts”

7) Enter the name of the Trusted Contacts that you have provide above.Enter their Profile Name.

8) Now as soon as you enter the Profile name.It will send then the recover Code.Ask them to go to the link “”

9) Now get 3 PIN’s from trusted contact and Enter them and click “Continue”. trusted 10) That’s it Now Choose a “New Password”.